March 2017

Sales updates!

This season has been really exciting! As we are nearing the competition, we are almost at the 250 mark for the number of Stable Cables sold!


Plans for the future….

Easter is around the corner! To celebrate this, we are planning to release limited edition seasonal bunny stable cables!


Though it is not currently released at the moment, if you have any enquiries about this or anything else about our products – go to the menu and click “Contact us.” A member of our team will be more than happy to help.

Thanks for reading;

-The team

Our product

How we came up with our product;

When coming up with ‘The Stable Cable’, we wanted to create a product which can be used in everyday life. As a team we collectively knew that we wanted to create a product which can be used with phones as this gives a huge target market and also we can relate to the product.

We came up with the stable cable a quirky product which allows you to manage your cables neatly wherever you are. They’re fun, cheap, small and makes anywhere with cables much more tidy!

We will be posting regularly soon… so from all of us at the Stable Cable: thank-you and we hope you check up again soon!